Unfamiliar Text

Text 1

‘Family Holiday’ written by S Daly, from the short story ‘Phenomena’. 
a) The rope bridge over the river and the waves in the ocean.
b) (i) Onomatopoeia is used in the line “The waves crashed down…”
b) (ii) The writer uses this verbal feature to develop a negative feeling towards what happens on the holiday.


– Identify 2 language features that develop the narrator’s feelings about the holiday. Give an example of each.
Short sentences – “I couldn’t move”, Personification – “The waves crashed down…”
– Discuss how your chosen language features, a long with the others in the text, develop an emotional theme for the family holiday.
The author uses short sentences to create a detached feeling with little emotion which reflects how the character feels towards the holiday. The personification of the waves allude to the danger of the ocean and gives it more human like quailities. 

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